After Chloe's battle with Wendy and Hook's battle with Peter,Peter and Wendy are defeated.Caltin is freed and brought back to them.As the team gets ready to go back to Hollybrooke,Peter and Wendy have a backup plan.


Present DayEdit

After Hook and Chloe's battles,they free Caltin.They tie up Wendy and Peter so they can't escape.Chloe uses magic to fix Hook's ship.Chloe,Caltin,Hook,Norrie,Spencer,Brittney and Patrick.Norrie relizes that she forgot somthing at the camp.She asks them if they can get back to Hollybrooke just a little bit later.They tell her she can go.As she is running back to the camp,she runs past Peter and Wendy.Peter then asks Wendy if she knows what to do.She says yes.Norrie then runs back.However,Peter trips her.It is revealed that she was getting her knife.Peter cuts himself and Wendy out.Peter then is revealed to have wanted,Wendy to switch bodys with Norrie.Wendy,now looking like Norrie,boards Hook's ship.As the portal opens "Norrie" smiles as Peter.

The PastEdit

A six-year old girl is crossing the street in England in 1932.She is called home by her mother.She is called by,Wendy.When she gets back her mother reveals to her that she is pregnet.Wendy gets mad at her because she already has an annoying 4 year old brother named,John.Her mother says,she is sorry.Two years later,Wendy now eight.John now six and the youngest,Michael is now almost two.Wendy and John are at a friends house eating dinner.The friend's dog,Nana comes to the dinner table.Once they are done eating,Wendy and John are about to leave.However,Their friends ask them to take care of their dog.Wendy and John bring her home.Wendy goes up to her room.There is a black shadow in the sky.The shadow is seen flying. down to her window.



Amanda R. as Britnney Snitter

Mason C. as Patrick Hick

Audrey S. as Chloe Eger

Makiyla W. as Norrie Cicker

Ella C.(Credit Only)

Braxton T.(Credit Only)

Jonah C. as Caltin Pry

Asher N. as Reed Ganther

Hunter M. as Spencer Esdicardi


TBA as Peter Pan

TBA as Wendy Darling


TBA as Molly Darling

TBA as John Darling

Kai T. as Michael Darling


Bailey as Nana,the Dog